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How is the game delivered? How long is the delivery time?


When you placed order,you could choose safe trade or player trade.we will sent you delivery link via your email:

Safe trade: you need to fill in your origin account, password, ea login verification code, then our system will deliver coins to your account, you just need to wait patiently.when we delivery the order,we will send a email for's almost 100% safe. 

Delivery Time: It maybe will take 0-6 H; 

Player trade: you need to list players in transfermarket,and put the player information in delivery link.Our system will buy your player,you can get coins (buy now price) instead.

Delivery Time: you will get coins in 0-3hours.It is determined by the speed of you list player in transermarket.

Golds:Dofus & Dofus Touch、Runescape、WOW、Final Fantasy XIV、POE
Items: Rocket League

Face to face transaction: 

That is to say, after you placed an order successfully, the supplier will deliver you . You just need to keep online in game and he will deliver you in game.

Delivery Time: Maybe 1-10 minutes(Except WOW)

Golds:WOW、The Elder Scrolls Online、StarWars:The Old Republic、EVE

Game mailing:

That is to say, after you placed an order successfully,you do not need to stay online, we will send your gold through in game mailing. You only need to log in to the game, and click collect to get your order.

Delivery Time: Mail in game within 24 hours.

Golds:WOW、Madden 、Escape from Tarkov、NBA2K

Auction trade transaction:

That is to say, after you placed an order successfully, you need to list one item in auction house,and then send us or supplier the item information. The supplier will buy your item and you will get the gold instead, which is very safe and convenient.

Delivery Time: Maybe a few hours.

All account:LOL、COC、Rust、Fortinte、Overwatch、Minecraft

The product you want to buy is the account. When you place your order, we will send the login information to your igvault message and email address. After you receive the account information, please modify it as soon as possible. If you have any problems, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Delivery Time: Almost 1-20 minutes.

Golds:GTA V Online、8 Ball Pool

The product you want , we will recharge on your behalf. That is to say, after you placed an order successfully, you need to give us the login information of your game account. If we have sufficient inventory, we will log into your account and deliver your order. We will not steal your account information. The delivery process is safe and fast. you will receive an email once completed. Please don't worry.

Delivery Time: Maybe a few hours.

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