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LOL:Buyer's FAQ

1. Receiving notice

1.1 After sucessful payment, we will verify your information for security, then we can deliver the game account information to you via message and email quickly.

1.2 Once you buy lol account and receive the game account information, please log on the account to see if there is problem first. After confirmation you need to change this account’s information (password, banding email,.) as soon as possible to finalize the game account ownership transfer.

2. What if the purchaed game account has problem? How to deal with it?

2.1 Account was banned

If your buy lol account was banned within Warranty Time after delivery (The reason doesn’t include your improper operation), you can ask seller for help.

2.2 The delivered lol account doesn’t match the seller’s description

If you found the delivered lol account doesn’t match the seller’s description, please contact seller, then we will ask the seller about it and try to find a solution. Attention: please make sure that this account doesn’t bind your email.

2.3 Account was reclaimed by seller

If your purchased account was reclaimed due to the seller, After checking, we will ban the seller's account, freeze the seller's income, and refund the payment to you.

Important notice : All issues must be resolved using iGVault Messages. The content of the communication within the station is the key basis for the final processing result of the platform. Does not accept any off-site negotiated solutions.

3. What should I do after buying LOL account?All account information is correct and available.

3.1 After purchasing a lol account, please change the password of the account as soon as possible; remember to bind your own mailbox to the account and keep your account password in mind.

3.2 When you buy a ranked lol account, please delete all friends and quit the team or club in game; (How to quit the team? How to delete a friend?)

3.3 It is not recommended to lend the purchased account to others to avoid being cheated or stolen;

3.4 Don't hang up, run away or insult other players in the game, all these behaviors may be the cause of account banned.

3.5 Do not use third-party plug-ins or cheated programs, it may lead to account banned.

3.6 It is recommended that the purchased can be recharged one month after the purchasing date;

3.7 If you are unable to log in after you buy lol account, please confirm whether the user name and password are entered correctly, and whether the network connection is normal.

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